Company presentation

Our company, Europutz Építőipari és Szolgáltató Kft. (“Europutz Building Industry and Service Providing Ltd.”) was established in Budapest on the 1st September 2003. The experiences of the management that have been collected abroad and domestically for several years and the attitude of our professionals guarantee professional management and precision. In addition to expert property management and operation our main tasks are to insure for our partners that they should not notice the incidental difficulties that may emerge during our work even in extreme cases. We consider our Partners’ needs all the time. We believe that we have achieved our successes so far via this simple mission and we will deserve our future Partners’ satisfaction as well.

The proof of our Firm’s development is that our revenues from sales have been increasing compared to the initial revenues of the Firm in year 2003 and this growth is suitable for us to measure our Clients’ satisfaction. In year 2008 we worked jointly with Mimasz Tanácsadó Kft. (“Mimasz Consulting Ltd.”) as a company group in order to satisfy our Clients’ requirements.

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